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Shiny Soul’s Cafe provides Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Premium Horoscopes written just for you by our professional astrologers. (Daily Horoscopes Are Absolutely Free! No membership required!)

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Intuitive Art Messages
Art is a subtle way of tapping into the energy underlying a situation or question you are seeking to clarify revealing valuable and helpful information. Included with your session you will receive a beautiful unique one of a kind personal painting that you can keep for future insight.
Specialized Astrology Services
A personalized birth chart reading is a unique experience and one you will never forget. Private readings bring reveal your individual uniqueness and provide motivation and guidance, providing insight to gain greater success as well as meet life’s challenges head on. During our time together, we’ll discuss the information revealed by your birth chart unlocking the personal blueprint of your life illuminating and unlocks your full potential.

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Looking for astrology reports? Learn and discover more about yourself, your friends and family, soul mate, perfect job, future and best places with personalized astrology reports, delivered on-screen & emailed directly to you instantly.

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Client Testimonials

The Lamp of Wisdom

"My sessions with Dorothy, of the Soul of Chiron, have been very effective in allowing me to make progress on several issues that have barred my progress towards improving my quality of life and re-framing several past traumatic events. At first, through intuition, wisdom and directed biographical questioning she helps me to see repeating patterns of behavior, that are detrimental or no longer needed. After that, we determine together what tools, whether it involves Astrology, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching or others would work best for a given issue. I have been very pleased with the progress that Dorothy has facilitated and I would enthusiastically recommend her to anyone, as a valuable and caring resource and solution finder."

Alan F.
Database Admin
Thursday, August 31, 2017
extensive knowledge and skills

"Dorothy's extensive knowledge and skills as well as her insight is what makes her an excellent coach. She helps her client look at their life more closely and possibly re-examine their path. I found Dorothy very helpful in the area of life purpose and hence, business. I am implementing what I learned about myself from my sessions with Dorothy in how I am going forward with different facets of my business. I look forward to using her services again in the future!"

Nancy A.
Business Owner
Thursday, August 31, 2017
Natal Chart readings

“Dorothy's Natal Chart readings bring clarity and insight to how we can navigate our energy and our life in the most meaningful and effective way. Her years of experience and her unique insights help pull the picture together for us.”

Lillie M.
Life Coach
Thursday, August 31, 2017
A real eye and heart opening experience!

Dorothy helped me see (eye!) how I am evolving in life in a way that brought clarity to the decisions I am facing at this time. She was able to help me recognize just how many aspects of my life are combining to create the current circumstances I am experiencing. All of what Dorothy shared and taught me made perfect sense. She explains your life in a way that is clear, expanding and inspiring. Dorothy helped me feel (heart!) so much confidence moving forward. I feel a peace and a ‘knowing’ that all is unfolding as it should. Dorothy has a gift of not only reading your chart but also coaching you to waken to your own strength.

Connie C.
Life Coach
Thursday, August 31, 2017
Wonderful Teacher

“Dorothy is a wonderful teacher. I came away with so much more understanding of the energy of the planets and natal charts. I highly recommend her classes! “

Melinda R.
Thursday, August 31, 2017
Astrology Readings

“I’ve had Astrology Readings many times over the years, honestly from extremely talented people. My reading with Dorothy was extraordinary. She teaches as she enlightens and leaves no planet, house or node unturned. Perhaps most intriguing for me, she also likens your personal Astrology to that of what is happening in the world around us. You explore “purpose,” from a unique perspective!”

Lorraine M.
Healing Arts of the South
Thursday, August 31, 2017
“Helps me see the big picture.”

"Dorothy offers a very unique blend of spiritual, psychological and practical perspectives together in her consultations that are helpful and supportive and takes time to help you understand what is going on. She helps identify windows of time that are optimal (or less so) to achieve particular outcomes and her interpretations help me to approach important decisions with greater attention as so to not miss desired results."

Bill J.
Business Owner