Feeling Your Way Through Transformation and the Upcoming Meeting of Saturn and Pluto

The astrology community is buzzing with articles of endless possibilities for the upcoming meeting of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn on January 12, 2020. Although there are a multitude of faster-moving points also involved in this alignment, they are acting as triggers for the much rarer, more powerful Saturn-Pluto conjunction, one of the rarest astrological events of our lifetime. And rare cosmic events show up in our lives as rare experiences in our individual lives here on earth. Yet the placement of this alignment in Capricorn also makes it a collective event in many ways. Or, said another way, this is where the public meets the private and worldly events affect each of us in individual ways.

Like most moments, what we are experiencing in our current lives has its roots in the past. The most immediate connection goes back to the events of late 2001. Think back to your own life to consider how your experiences then may have an intertwining or layering connection to your present. How did you respond and what choices did you make? Did you recognize the importance of your experience? How did it change you?

Astrology is a never-ending progression of evolutionary cycles, and this alignment is connected to a much larger picture than is readily apparent to the awareness of most individuals. Yet a deeper awareness is exactly what is called for in this very moment.

As I write this, we are in a sort of shifting of awareness between two eclipses. In case you aren’t aware, eclipses usually occur in pairs, two weeks apart (although this can vary occasionally). We tend to experience them in varying degrees; from barely registering to shocking awareness we are in an alternate reality and with a sense of passing through a time warp. This is article is provided as a service to our members. please login or register to continue reading