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Mercury Turns To Retrograde

This week starts out with an imaginative and mystical New Moon in Pisces and many other alignments triggering specific activity in your natal chart.  There is also an element of surprise and inspiration available if you are open and aware of a more subtle flow of energy. Listen to the messages you perceive as coming from within. If you notice something calling your attention, go deeper to see where it leads. Tapping into your intuition while staying grounded will lead you to some interesting insights. This is an excellent time to begin a meditation routine or to look for a more creative way to tap into your intuition.


I know it seems as if we are in a constant state of high alert these days. Yet the Pisces New Moon is a chance to relax into the flow for a moment for a much-needed respite. Although it is also a time when one may become confused or decide to enter into denial about certain facts of a situation.


The stress we have been under is leading many to withdraw into their own private cocoon or to cling tightly to a fixed set of beliefs and ideals that are preventing them from moving past certain limitations. Yet there are ways through, over or around our challenges that we have not yet envisioned. This is where our imagination, our focus, and drive can come in handy.

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Mars in Capricorn will help you conquer your to-do list due to the exalted status of this placement for the planet of desire and motivation. Capricorn is one of the strongest placements for the planet Mars. Others are the signs of Mars rulership, Aries and Scorpio. More about Mars in Capricorn in a moment.

Yet while Mercury is retrograde in Pisces getting ready for a face to face meeting with the Sun before retrograding back into Aquarius early next month, I suggest you take your time making any important decisions or taking any bold action.

Things and people have a way of disappearing or getting lost in the energy of Pisces. This phenomenon is all the more likely with the presence of Neptune, Pisces modern ruler and the planet of the imagination and “other realms” transiting here since 2011. While the hazy quality of Neptune and Pisces is usually less noticeable, during Mercury retrograde, there is an additional emphasis on this uniqueness and a greater possibility to become lost in the mystery or to overlook the obvious.

I propose using the next few weeks to create a proactive plan you can put into effect when Mercury turns forward after March 9th, or better yet, after March 29th. This is when Mercury finally reaches the end of post retrograde and begins to cover new ground. Think of your plan as a flexible foundation with room to make adjustments when more information comes to light.

While Mars may be calling you to action, Capricorn loves to act strategically and methodically to produce the most effective results. This means planning with the end goal always in mind and with as little wasted effort and resources as possible. This is one of Mars’ most challenging and most rewarding placements in any chart. Progress takes action but it also takes carefully planned budgets and timing.

With a little imagination and curiosity, the energy of this week’s alignments will provide new insights that will help you move creatively past any obstacles on your path to success.

Have a great week and enjoy your weekly horoscopes.
Dorothy, Bernie, Mary Beth and Millie

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