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Mercury Turns To Retrograde

Mercury turns to retrograde motion today for the next three weeks. First in Pisces and then on March 4th, Mercury will re-enter the last degrees of Aquarius. Mercury isn’t really moving backward through the sky but from our perspective here on Earth, it appears so. Like when a fast train passes a slower-moving car on the highway. This along with Mars entry into Capricorn is bringing several themes into focus. One such theme is, it is time to take full responsibility for your words. This will present you with situations where you simply must be diplomatic. Under such conditions, the less you say, the better. Get your message into the shortest format possible. Given that we are in the early days of this particular retrograde and that Mercury is making a good few aspects from the early degrees of Pisces this week, engage with others when the emotional energy is lower rather than higher. Let the Third Quarter Moon dissipate and delay any important correspondence into next week when the New Moon in alignment with Uranus brings the possibility of a few new innovative ideas and a fresh perspective out into the open. You might even consider putting certain projects on hold for a month or so, and see how they look on the other side of the retrograde cycle. That, incidentally, is one way to look at the retrograde — as a conceptual bridge you will traverse, which will lead you to another place and time. Items with a high priority today will be replaced by others that have not revealed themselves yet.
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Another theme is that Mars has a tendency to want quick results and take action before thinking through all possible consequences. After all, Mars is the planet of desire and motivation. Yet in Capricorn Mars is more likely to demonstrate the benefits of taking a deliberate, methodical approach. The idea is to do things at the right time and get advice from the appropriate expert. Following the hierarchy at work or the speed limits on the road. You get the drift. Adding to this Mercury’s current retrograde, it is important to take your time and consider alternative points of view. One possible challenge is a need to re-do or re-address certain situations when more information becomes available in a month or so. Hence the “take your time” advice. Even though you may be highly motivated, Capricorn has a desire to be efficient and productive. So remember the advice builders use “Measure twice, cut once.” Your inner teacher is particularly vocal right now. Helpful insights will come through your dreams mostly, though it may also slip in through your imagination. You will recognize it as “the solution that works for everyone.” This, in turn, may manifest as what feels like the solution to a particular fear. You can have the wisdom on offer, though only if you are open to it, by which I mean open to receiving. This is the first and most important choice you will make in the process of being shown a new way to live. There may be a paradox involved for you, personally, which is that the more you receive, the more you will have to give. The twist is that only generosity teaches you about your true assets. If you think that to give means to lose, you will never really have much. So this is all about entering a kind of flow, or cycle. Anyway, pay close attention to your dreams tonight and for the next month or so. Take every symbol as meaningful, though let its revelation dawn on you gently rather than by force. I know the 3 weeks Mercury will be retrograde can seem like a long time when you want to get things done now but Mars will be in Capricorn until March 30th so there is plenty of time to activate your plans once Mercury turns to forward motion on March 9th. By then you will have a greater understanding of where you stand on certain matters, where it is you want to go in the future and the right way to get there.

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Astrology Has Fascinated People For More Than 4,000 Years With Its Insights Into World Events And Human Nature.

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Natal/Birth Chart Reading


A birth chart reading, sometimes called a natal chart reading, takes a look at your astrological chart based on the time, place and date you were born.

In this reading we will discuss in-depth the arrangement of planets by sign and house and the portrait your natal/birth chart of the gifts and challenges presented. We will discuss how to use your natural talents to reach your higher purpose and the best ways to use your gifts to achieve more success in your day-to-day life. This reading is needed prior to other readings so you have a basic awareness of your personal planetary energies.

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