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Aries New Moon

It’s my role as your astrology to look ahead at the flow of energy so I might offer you information and guidance about what this week, month or year ahead might bring. It is like akin to providing you with a map of territory you have not yet entered. Some times this is easier said than done. Then sometimes a chart speaks so clearly there is no doubt where one’s attention will be focused. This is one of those months. One of those moments in time when the landscape seems to shift under our feet on both a personal level and on the world stage.

The Aries New Moon, which is exact on March 24th is a chart whose message comes in several main layers. One is the presentation, which you might think of as the press release. The other is what’s really going on with you.

One is the crust; the other is the deeper substance, which may seem a bit unfathomable at the moment, like a vast undersea world.

The surface layer is related to what is going on in the world around you. What you see in the news and read on social media. This is a kind of public relations position, very common in our era (we might think of “social media” as a PR campaign, where everyone serves as their own representative).

This is an aspect that speaks loudly. Jupiter is involved, and Mars in Capricorn also wants to be seen and noticed.

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The deeper layer is what you’re really feeling, which is much more ambiguous. This involves Mercury retrograde until March 9th. This is bubbling with questions, and with a sense of inner contradiction. You may be experiencing emotions that you don’t understand, or that seem to drag you back into the past.

Past material may be trying to surface. There is a sense of needing to let go of an attachment to the past you no longer need or desire to carry with you into the future.

The theme of the month may seem to be “what do I reveal to others about my real feelings?” Yet the actual theme is about what you admit to yourself. It’s one thing to put on a face for the world; it’s another to put on a face in the mirror.

Mercury’s Retrograde has been in close contact with Nessus, a deeply influential centaur (Chiron-like planet). This may have arrived with questions about how you feel about certain past transgressions and mistreatment.

You may have discovered some unresolved feelings, and potentially some anger. Rather than pushing this back down, let it come to the surface. Alternately, you may be figuring out what you want, only to discover that there is something blocking you. Now is the time to carefully address those blockages. They may not be made of what you think they are made of.

And Then There’s Mercury, Venus and Mars Making Contact With the Unusual Astrology of Our Generation. Which you can read about in our tomorrow’s weekly newsletter.

Enjoy your March horoscopes.

NOTE: Due to the 1st of the month falling on the same day as the weekly publication, to avoid inundating you with information all at once, we will publish the weekly newsletter tomorrow morning. However, both your weekly and monthly horoscopes are now available on our website at

Thank you.
Dorothy, Bernie, Mary Beth and Millie

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