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Venus with Uranus in Taurus

I ended the article in our monthly newsletter by mentioning the upcoming activity of Mercury,
Venus and Mars and the contact they will be making during their transits through Taurus, Pisces, and Capricorn.
I specifically mentioned by the “unusual astrology of our generation”. I am referring to the contact of Venus with Uranus in Taurus, Mercury with Neptune in Pisces as well as the collection of planets Mars is in contact with, in Capricorn, Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn taking place this month.

Faster moving planets tend to have a way of adding pressure and excitement to the way we experience the energy of slower-moving outer planets, drawing our attention to the areas of our chart and therefore our lives they currently occupy.

Mercury, Venus, and Mars orbit around the sun at a considerably faster speed taking from 1 to 2 years to make a full trip around. Which is lightning speed, considering that it takes Uranus 84 years, Neptune 165 years, and Pluto 248 years approximately to make the same journey.

You could consider Venus and Mars the Yin and Yang of the zodiac. Where Venus is located in one’s chart says a lot about what they value and what one would like to attract more of, while Mars’ placement provides information about what motivates one to take action and to assert their will when a more direct approach is needed. Mercury is known as the winged messenger of the gods and is in the business of disseminating information and helping one to gain understanding and knowledge. Mercury is also involved in commerce. Mercury’s placement in one’s chart provides insight into how a person thinks and perceives the world around them.

While the activity of Mercury, Venus, and Mars has enough material for a weekend astrology seminar, I will do my best to relate it in a couple of paragraphs.

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Shiny Soul's Cafe Newsletter Vol 3 5In summary, this is a month when it becomes necessary to address the more practical aspects of the changes and transformations of which we are in the process of bringing into our tangible awareness. Meaning we can relate changes to actual events taking place in our lives.

Mars, for instance, may push one to take certain risks they have wanted to take for some time. This has a way of creating a sort of domino effect in other areas of our lives. The truth is more likely that you have become uncomfortable or bored with certain aspects of the status quo. Yet this doesn’t need to be a time of taking aggressive action or of chaos. People tend to suffer from a knee jerk response to feelings of discomfort when they are not sure how to express their desire or fear it will be met with ridicule. Like ripping the bandaid off a wound, they just want a sudden release, when it is best to take a long hot bath and let the water loosen the adhesive a little.

In the first few weeks of this month, spend time asking your self questions so you have a deeper understanding of what is motivating your discomfort and your desire. It is easier to pose changes to others when you know what is important to you and you have at least some idea of how the change you want would benefit others. This is called a win-win solution. And there is a path to a sort of all-around compromise if one is of a mind to look.

I can see the possibility of an insightful and unusual solution to the challenges presented by Mars making contact with the powerful energy of Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn in Capricorn in part because of the upcoming meeting of Venus and Uranus in a fellow earth sign Taurus. Taurus which favors a more practical approach as well, yet one with a surprising or unusual twist with Uranus in the picture. Remember Venus draws to one that which they value. Uranus, like Neptune, and Pluto is an outer planet whose energy we must learn to navigate by feeling and integrated a that part of us that exist outside the bounds of personal experience and knowledge into our awareness. This month will provide plenty of experience for those who are open and available to see the gifts and knowledge the planet of surprise and sudden changes can bring.

Last but not least, the Sun, followed by Mercury (after returning to Pisces on March 16th) will make direct contact with Neptune this month. There is a feeling of being in denial or confused in some way as Neptune has a way of dissolving boundaries and softening the crusty hard edges of what we know as reality. Making the world appear less abrupt and intrusive than it can be on one’s sensitive emotional state. Yet Mercury’s retrograde has drawn attention to the way we humans have of letting things, people and knowledge slip into the background unnoticed. This is the material to bring out into the light. And to see what those missing or lost pieces of emotional awareness have to reveal about who you are and who you would like to be.

Shiny Soul's Cafe Newsletter Vol 3 6Here are a few questions to ask your self as you travel through this month’s terrain. Is what you thought you wanted in the past still true for you today? This is an important review to conduct every now and then, preferably often. Update your files. Wanting is the primary factor driving existence on the material plane.

Make sure what you think you want is really what you want, and if it’s not, stop, and ask yourself what is true for you today. Ask yourself every day, many times.

What do I really want? What do I need to understand, value or act on to make this a reality?

And of course as always if you would like, I am always here to offer assistance along the way.

Have a great week and enjoy your weekly horoscopes.
Dorothy, Bernie, Mary Beth and Millie

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