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Planet in motion

When planets change sign

The alignments taking place throughout this month between the inner faster-moving planets, Mercury, Venus and Mars and the outer slower-moving planets of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto will be highlighted by the Virgo Full moon this week, taking place on March 9th. This is the same day Mercury ends retrograde in the last few degrees of Aquarius before re-entering Pisces next week on the 16th.

When planets change sign there is often a change of perspective. In this case from the subconscious emotional energy of Pisces to the collective intelligence and detached logical energy of Aquarius and back again next week. Though Mercury retrogrades can seem to be a bit difficult to navigate at times, the information one gains by reviewing or reevaluating what they think they know can be just what they need to finally change one’s trajectory. 

The entire world seems to have made up their mind on any number of subjects from what they will have for dinner to “I will only vote for your politician or party of choice in the next election.” Both of which are subject to change given enough time and information. Yet most people are attached to a set of personal beliefs in a way that prevents them from changing their minds even when new information becomes available. Often against overwhelming odds what they believe is true, is actually true. What if you never liked broccoli but grandma would like you to try it the way she makes it?

It isn’t information alone that holds us to your beliefs but an emotional attachment formed at some other place and time, and chances are we can no longer remember when this or that particular belief became such a defining characteristic if we ever could. It is what we have always known without knowing how, or more likely what we were taught in our early childhood, which was accepted without question.

Yet we know we have reached a turning point when we feel the friction between what we think we know and what is being presented to us in the here and now. But it takes time, courage and a willingness to go beyond what we think we know before one can open oneself to something else being possible.

Now is such a time. You will be motivated to call on your courage to open to the opportunities to imagine something different and to take the first steps to engage with the world on a new level.

As we enter this week the Sun meets with Neptune just prior to this month’s Virgo Full Moon. Where Neptune and Pisces have a gift for blurring the lines Virgo, has a way of being exact and discerning. While we attempt to balance these aspects within ourselves, we have more than enough going on to make us question most, if not all of the ideas and beliefs we hold sacred. This is true at almost any time in history but this month provides us with special reasons for reconsidering what we consider most important in our lives.

A belief was once described to me as an idea one believes to be true meaning another idea is not, regardless of whether it is or not. This is linear thinking, the sort of either-or thinking we generally use for problem-solving. Linear thinking requires one to choose between one of two ideas. Good or bad, right or wrong. It dismisses the fact that some things are neither good or bad nor right or wrong. Remember the commercial with the line “Choosey Mothers Choose Jiff.” if you believe that one, what does that say about your Mom or even you?

Creative thinking allows your mind to choose various parts of available ideas to form a new idea and a set of beliefs based on a new combination of insight and information. As with the brand of peanut butter you choose to buy, you and only you can choose the ideas and beliefs you deem most valuable. One of the benefits of considering the world is filled with more options than good and bad or right or wrong is that your ability to problem-solve and express who you are just multiplied beyond imagination.

Even so, some ideas or any combinations of ideas, will stand the test of time for another round of testing later down the road, and some will not. Yet one of the only things we have in the end is the beliefs to live by. It is time yours reflected who you are and who you wish to become.

Have a great week and enjoy your weekly horoscopes.
Dorothy, Bernie, Mary Beth and Millie

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