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"Mars In Aries"

Shiny Soul's Cafe Newsletter Vol 7 3Currently, we are within range of a series of squares involving Mars and the collection of planets Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn (and an asteroid known as Pallas) all in Capricorn. The multiple squares that will take place between Mars in Aries and the planets in Capricorn over the next six months are potent in part because the activity is taking place in signs associated with the houses in ancient astrology known as the cardinal cross; This is a + axis in the chart associated with the evolutionary cycles of the seasons in nature and in the emotional and spiritual evolutionary cycle of each of us as individuals.

It might be helpful to find where the sign Aries, usually depicted by this glyph Shiny Soul's Cafe Newsletter Vol 7 4, and Capricorn Shiny Soul's Cafe Newsletter Vol 7 5  are located on your natal chart.

Mars Shiny Soul's Cafe Newsletter Vol 7 6 in Aries Shiny Soul's Cafe Newsletter Vol 7 4 from now until January 2021 (due to a retrograde  Sept 9 -Nov 13) is associated with the will and desire of individual identity and autonomy. While  Jupiter Shiny Soul's Cafe Newsletter Vol 7 8, Pluto Shiny Soul's Cafe Newsletter Vol 7 9, Saturn Shiny Soul's Cafe Newsletter Vol 7 10,  in Capricorn Shiny Soul's Cafe Newsletter Vol 7 5 are associated with the expansion, optimism, and transformation of the structures, institutions, and status quo which no longer offer the service or foundation they are intended to serve.

Yet even so there is often strong opposition to the types of changes brought about by the slower moving planets involved. Mars’ square to the stellium in Capricorn is here to push them along to the next stage as the election circuit heats up here in the United States.

Currently, the government and other institutions are more involved in our lives than most of us ever remember, (or ever wanted) whether we’re talking about our health and economic well being, or how protests are being handled.

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Mars is here to put a check on the activities going on in the public domain and demand changes and to push back where needed. It is time for each of us to become involved on an individual basis if it is only to cast our vote come November. Yes this astrology will last until then and beyond.

Yet one’s response to the world says more about who they are and where we are going as a human being than any external circumstances.  At times it may feel as if you are taking on the world or as if the world is pushing your buttons.

You need to know and most of all chose to live by your own code of ethics. This comes from inside you not from any source outside of you. It is time we all lived by the standards we say we do. Too truly live by a code of ethics and standards means to live them at all times, on all levels, and under all circumstances. This isn’t always the easiest thing to do and in the days to come it may feel as if you are asked to choose your highest state of being over and over.

I encourage you to keep your sense of humor and your compassion handy.

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Blessing,  Dorothy, Bernie, Mary Beth and Millie

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