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Sun, October 25, 2020

This could be a time when you must see proof of your ability in a particular area before you have faith in it. It may also involve a need to adapt to circumstances that you probably prefer weren’t changing and remained as they have been. But if you feel tested to see if you’re able to cope in a way that you might feel unsure of presently, then you’re about to see how ‘made of sterner stuff’ you are!
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With the upcoming leap year, most people are already deciding how to spend the extra day they will have in 2021. What, next year isn’t a leap year? Yo
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Don’t let the notion that someone may take umbrage with your ideas stop you from thinking them. The most personally challenging things are the most pe

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Many are unaware that Astrology is not about destiny It’s not. Astrology is the mechanism used to show you the choices that lie ahead for you. If you’re seeking a better understanding of the choices open to you, book a personal reading of your natal chart and allow us the opportunity to be of service.
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