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March 20-April 19

Mon, March 01, 2021

Aries Daily Horoscope

  • You have been questioning a co-workers motive when it came to your job, but today it will come clear to you. Now is a good time to let all those good ideas come out. The moon today brings energy to help you reach your goals. Now is the time to eliminate the things around that is stopping you from success such as clutter in the home that creates negative energy? Clean house. Relationships that have been a bit bumpy will now get back on the right track.


Week 09 – 2021

Aries Weekly Horoscope

  • Chase money all this week, Aries. Buy, sell, seek a pay raise or overtime, and cultivate new clients. You might feel possessive about your loved ones. Communications and travel, paperwork, errands and casual friendships flow well now through this week, but if you experience a noticeable delay in any of these, walk away. Travel, internet, coffee talks, etc. can spark an attraction that might grow into a partnership. But remain sceptical about people you meet in these ways. The days are romantic. Tackle chores midweek. Relationships and intimacy face you as the week ends.


March, 2021

Aries Monthly Horoscope

  • Continue to chase money, seek more work at better pay, cultivate new clients, buy and sell all this month, Aries. You have treated others with ambition or caution more than love, these past months, now is to change that opinion. You’ve wanted a working partnership and that comes your way now. This will change in the days ahead, when more normally affectionate links return. Until then, you can improve relations by communicating and by travelling to visit the other. But remember, in communicating, focus on ideas, not facts. Wisdom, gentle love and travel prospects arise as the month progresses. Be ambitious midmonth. Happiness, friends, flirtations arrive as the month ends.


Aries 2021 Horoscope

You are likely to have mixed emotions as you enter 2021. But starting the year with Mars, your ruling planet, in Aries, you have the drive and motivation to begin the year on your own terms. However, with Mars’ longest visit to Aries in 32 years now in its final days, there is a chance you are feeling rather tuckered out and battle weary. Mars will leave on January 6. This is when the benefits will start to unfold, albeit rather slowly and in unexpected ways over the coming months. The main impact from Mars’ departure is that a lot of the fight and drama will leave situations you are involved with as you start to appreciate that 2021 is not a repeat of 2020. Once this happens, you will start to feel more enthusiastic about what the coming year might bring. Saturn and Jupiter are gone from your 10th solar house, but the professional momentum will continue, and your circumstances are likely to take a lucrative turn during January and February.

January is a chance to get a feel for the new, powerful planetary placements that indicate 2021 is a very different year than 2020. I am talking about Jupiter and Saturn’s entry into your 11th solar house occupied by Aquarius in the closing weeks of 2020, which has taken a lot of pressure off you, especially professionally. Yet it goes beyond that: there is a real sense you no longer need to prove yourself 24/7, resulting in the very things you felt you needed to fight for in 2020 coming to you more effortlessly and easily the further into 2021 you go. Above all, the main impact of Saturn and Jupiter’s entry to the area of your solar chart associated with friendship, teamwork, and networking is a sense of camaraderie and that as a team player you don’t have to shoulder the full weight on your own. Saturn is here now until 2023 but Jupiter will leave on May 13 before turning retrograding and coming back on July 28.

When Jupiter leaves, he will enter the 12th house, the area of your solar chart associated with letting go of the past, which has a feeling of nostalgia and often takes us on an inner journey. No worries — it’s okay to take a little time out to reflect and heal. Healing is the point, isn’t it? This will be the first time Jupiter has been in Pisces in 12 years. Looking back over the last 12 years is how you and Jupiter prepare for the entry of Jupiter into Aries and a new 12-year cycle of expansion. Before that happens, Jupiter will also meet up with Neptune, already in Pisces, for the first time in our lifetime. It’s never too early to start dreaming about where you want to head in 2022 when Jupiter enters your sign for good. Another thing that will give 2021 a sense of movement and exhilaration is that Mars, your ruling planet and the one that can fire up your passions, drive, and competitive spirit, is on the move after having spent the second half of 2020 at a standstill or going back and forth over the same ground. Mars is now racing across the heavens, invigorating and exciting multiple areas of your life over the coming year.

Astrology represents the cycles and timing of planetary movement and the effect this has on our lives. Each time two planets meet in the cosmos, each planet carries forward the energy of its last encounter, building on experience and a theme of growth and evolution. Just as we will carry with us the effect 2020 had on our lives, Jupiter and Saturn will carry with them the effect of their experience with Pluto into and beyond 2021. And while Jupiter and Saturn moved into Aquarius, Pluto stayed behind in Capricorn, continuing to transform the very structure and foundation of our outer world. We are already well in range of the Pluto return for the US Sibly Chart (the chart astrologers use for country).

Of the faster-moving planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars), only Mercury will retrograde this year. Each of Mercury’s retrogrades will take place in Air signs this year, beginning with the first retrograde in Aquarius from January 30 to February 20, then moving forward until May 29, retrograding in Gemini until June 22, with the last retrograde taking place September 27 to October 18 in Libra. Retrogrades ask more questions than they answer, and the questions these retrogrades will ask have a lot to do with how we understand social issues, perceive our environment, and relate to one another. Questions that seem to be a natural consequence of the transformative changes taking place in our lives.

Today’s Moon Forecast

Moon in Libra

crescent moon buttonLibra sign glyph symbol

Moon is traveling through beautiful Libra today. Make it a date night. Smile, it looks good on you.

Current Planetary Positions

Sun 11° Pisces 33' 27"
Moon 16° Libra 31' 54"
Mercury 14° Aquarius 47' 43"
Venus 05° Pisces 28' 52"
Mars 28° Taurus 43' 18"
Jupiter 16° Aquarius 49' 23"
Saturn 08° Aquarius 34' 01"
Uranus 07° Taurus 38' 06"
Neptune 20° Pisces 17' 21"
Pluto 26° Capricorn 03' 10"
Chiron 07° Aries 17' 26"
TrueNode 15° Gemini 35' 04" R


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