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Thu, September 16, 2021

Cancer Daily Horoscope

  • Keep in mind as you move up the cliff that the higher you climb, the further you may fall. As the Stars goad you onward, it helps to know when you`re out of your depth. Keep your eye out for warning signs along the way. Don`t be afraid to ask for help, but do it on your own if you possibly can. The person who helps you will probably demand that you do most of the work. Taking risks shouldn`t be the only thing on your mind right now.


Week 37 – 2021

Cancer Weekly Horoscope

  • The week ahead offers you a great chance, the best in years to cash in or ensure future profits, to sell something, to obtain or seek a pay raise, to enter a more lucrative field or position within your field, to gain new business or new clients or to purchase something which will enhance your life or help you earn more. Focus on beginning rather than ending. Though your luckiest idea has been around for a week or two. Work, service, dependents, health or machinery form a lucky link.


September, 2021

Cancer Monthly Horoscope

  • Chase money above all else, Cancer, seed future dollar growth. Your luck's higher than apparent until late this September. These days offer the best chances which is once in a lifetime opportunity. Ask for a pay raise, seek new clients or buy equipment for now, when work and income co-operate in great ways. Midmonth nudges you back toward a former legal, educational, media, long-distance/travel, or social ritual project or delays an on-going ones. These delays last to late September. Your prestige or ambitions are tied to this, both these get a big boost around the month end, if you try.


Cancer 2021 Horoscope

When looking at the main themes of any year, the rule of thumb for astrologers is to look to Saturn for where there might be challenges and to Jupiter for the opportunities. To move into 2021 with Jupiter and Saturn occupying the area of your solar chart associated with your shared resources, of both the financial and emotional variety, makes this a big year for money and emotional matters that are shared or overlap with those of others. For instance, while Saturn might create challenges requiring you to take a more responsible approach to money matters, there is also the potential for financial growth and expansion. Although you may not have noticed yet, just having Jupiter and Saturn here has taken a lot of pressure off you. It was only in the final weeks of 2020 they both left Capricorn, your opposite sign, within days of each other. Saturn had been in Capricorn since 2017 and Jupiter since 2019. It might only be now that they are gone that you can feel the pressure drop and a sense of relief. Even so, your idea of relationships and the way you want to relate to others is still in the process of transforming and will be until Pluto leaves your 7th solar house in 2023.

Saturn will occupy the area of shared resources until 2023. That makes this the start of a three-year campaign to take back your financial and emotional power — meaning there is no hurry, urgency, or need to reinvent the wheel overnight. As long as you realize that Saturn is asking you to take responsibility for your financial and emotional agreements and dependably address the issues, all will be good. By taking charge and using your own authority over these matters, you will find this a time of empowerment. Jupiter on the other hand will rush through and leave on May 13, before retrograding and returning for a second, more thorough review from July 28 to December 28. It’s where Jupiter goes that’s exciting. Jupiter is headed to join Neptune in the area of your solar chart associated with adventure, travel, higher learning, and discovery for the first of three visits over the course of 2021 and 2022. This is the first time the planets of luck and dreams have met up in Pisces in our lifetime.

Meanwhile, you will find that any professional pressure or urgency drops back this year but not at the expense of the momentum you’ve established, especially on the daily work front. On January 6, Mars will leave the area of your chart associated with your public status and career, finally wrapping up a visit that began in June 2020, the longest in 32 years. You may feel battle weary by the time you move into 2021, but the scars will eventually heal while the spoils of war will be in safe hands. There is continuous planetary activity in the areas of daily work, routine, and career all year but the kind that can keep the wheels turning without the heavy demands of last year.

Venus will visit your 7th house twice this year, each time coming into direct alignment with Pluto. Pluto has remained in Capricorn to continue to transform your relationships, even though Jupiter and Saturn have moved on. Venus and Pluto are helping you transform your relationships for the better — by this, I mean how you would like your relationships to take shape going forward and how you wish to relate to those closest to you. For you, it’s important your relationships allow you both to give and receive emotional support at the deepest level. It is no longer acceptable to simply be tolerated; you must be respected for all that you are. It is Venus’ desire to make this a good year for your relationships, especially if there were challenges last year.

Today’s Moon Forecast

Moon in Aquarius

crescent moon buttonAquarius sign glyph symbol

Moon is traveling through Aquarius today. Go against the grain. Fight for a cause. Stand up for the underdog.

Current Planetary Positions

Sun 24° Virgo 28' 09"
Moon 06° Aquarius 53' 21"
Mercury 20° Libra 51' 55"
Venus 07° Scorpio 12' 34"
Mars 01° Libra 22' 46"
Jupiter 23° Aquarius 53' 00" R
Saturn 07° Aquarius 20' 52" R
Uranus 14° Taurus 28' 29" R
Neptune 21° Pisces 42' 35" R
Pluto 24° Capricorn 24' 20" R
Chiron 11° Aries 23' 06" R
TrueNode 04° Gemini 34' 40" R


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