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Thu, September 16, 2021

Gemini Daily Horoscope

  • Lately, you are all about being logical. Could it be that you`ve turned into the kind of person who does number puzzles just for fun? Whether you are calculating money, distance or estimated time, you always seem to come up with the right answer — all that you need now is someone to ask the right question. After all, what good is it to show off in front of an audience made up of only one paying customer?


37, 2021

Gemini Weekly Horoscope

  • Now the week ahead promotes your luck in communications, news, writing, internet, travel, distribution, office systems, details, paperwork, curiosity, and casual friends or contacts, all things you're expert in. Pick one or two of these, and charge ahead to begin or further a successful project/relationship. You've probably already met this project/person, contemplated him/her/it during the last few weeks. But a big beginning is the lucky key now: plunge in, start now. Relationships, relocation, contracts, marriage, fame or public dealings form a lucky path as the week unwinds.


September, 2021

Gemini Monthly Horoscope

  • Chase intellectual, travel, communications and friendship projects all this month, Gemini. Midmonth nudges you toward former career ambitions/conditions, or into a former parent/child role. This might not continue forever, perhaps only to a few more months. So be somewhat wary or throwing a lot of money into this child/home or career venture. The days ahead tend to make you spend money on home, real estate, children, etc. And this can be a good thing, but be realistic, also. There are no rewards for extravagance. Financial prudence is advised for all this month.


Gemini 2021 Horoscope

Each year is a roll of the dice while you wait to see what kind of year the cosmos has in store. But really what we all want is a year that has the right balance. Too much of a good thing is just as challenging as too much of a bad thing. Well, you don’t need to worry. It appears 2021 is going to be just right for you. In the final weeks of 2020, Jupiter and Saturn entered the area of your solar chart associated with adventure, travel, learning, and discovery. This will be the positively dominant factor for your outlook in 2021. When looking for the challenges any year might present, we look to Saturn; when looking for the opportunities, we look to Jupiter. These rather slow-moving planets are rarely in the same area of your chart at the same time. That changed in 2020 when Jupiter and Saturn met up in the area of shared resources, your 8th solar house, and moved together into the 9th, just before the turn of the new year. The past year was filled with both challenges and opportunities where your resources (financial and emotional) were concerned.

Now these planets are operating in unison to move you into the future and have moved on to a much more interesting area of your life. This makes 2021 full of opportunities not only for adventure, travel, higher learning, and discovery but also for things like publishing and connecting with the world physically or digitally. The publishing, and even astrology belong to this area of your chart. Feel free to use your imagination as you search to expand your mind and enrich your experiences. This also puts Jupiter and Saturn at a friendly aspect to your Gemini Sun, for Saturn at some point over the next three years, and Jupiter over the coming year, especially in the first 5 1/2 months of 2021. Saturn is here until 2023 but Jupiter will come and go, and that is what gives this year balance and variety. Jupiter will leave and enter the area associated with your public status and career from May 13 to July 28, bringing you a real boost, and then again on December 28, and then once more in 2022 from a totally different perspective. That is a lot of Jupiter in the house. No pun intended.

Jupiter will move in and out of this area of your solar chart three times over the course of 2021 and 2022, and with Neptune here from 2012 to 2026, this will bring the planets of luck and dreams together for the first time in our lifetime. This is one reason 2021 is so exciting for you: the balancing act needed between adventure and professional ambitions. This is also a chance to get on top of things both financially and emotionally. No matter how you experienced Jupiter and Saturn acting together in the area associated with shared resources, Venus, the planet of money, will make not one but two visits and spend an extraordinary amount of time here in 2021. First from January 8 to February 1 and then again from November 5 until March 2022. This is also a good year for you personally and, with the North Node in Gemini for the whole of 2021, for following your own path and truth.

After the transformational year of 2020, we have learned a little more about ourselves and what makes us tick. We all know it is easier to tread your own path and live your truth when the ties that bind no longer have the ability to influence your choices. Last year was an exercise in learning to take authority over that which is preventing you from moving forward. And although the most intense experiences are behind you, this transformation will continue into 2023 when Pluto will transition to a new sign.

Your ruler, Mercury, will be the only one of the faster-moving planets to turn retrograde this year. Mercury will retrograde in fellow Air sign Aquarius from January 30 to February 20, and then in your own sign from May 29 until June 22, and the third and final retrograde will be in Libra from September 27 to October 18. What do you think, Gemini? Curious minds want to know.

Today’s Moon Forecast

Moon in Aquarius

crescent moon buttonAquarius sign glyph symbol

Moon is traveling through Aquarius today. Go against the grain. Fight for a cause. Stand up for the underdog.

Current Planetary Positions

Sun 24° Virgo 29' 10"
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Jupiter 23° Aquarius 52' 55" R
Saturn 07° Aquarius 20' 50" R
Uranus 14° Taurus 28' 27" R
Neptune 21° Pisces 42' 34" R
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Chiron 11° Aries 23' 03" R
TrueNode 04° Gemini 34' 33" R

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