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Thu, September 16, 2021

Leo Daily Horoscope

  • After a long, hard bout of effort, you`re looking forward to having a good time with as little strain as possible. Luckily, happy conditions set the stage for an awesome time ahead. The Lion is on fire with playful, loving fun and everyone seems to want to join in. Friends and neighbors may not know what hit them, but they`re likely to ask for another round so that they can figure it out. Leave the dishes where they are — there will be plenty of time to clean up tomorrow.


Week 37 – 2021

Leo Weekly Horoscope

  • Your personal luck soars now through the days ahead, Leo. This is the best luck in many years, probably since the start of the last decade. You might not feel lucky yet. But the majority of your present luck is in beginnings, what you start now through this period can grow to yield a massive treasure in love, romance, pleasure, creativity, art, speculation, or the joy of children. Travel, legalities or fame might be involved. You'll feel chipper, energetic, especially after mid-week. People will notice you. This is your signal. Go on.


September, 2021

Leo Monthly Horoscope

  • Your personal luck continues to soar, Leo for this month and the next. Do ask favors, impress people, use your charisma and generosity and you're on a winning streak. Be eager, outgoing and diplomatic through the week, when relationships are highlighted. Love could reach a peak, you could meet an exciting person, a great opportunity could pop up , do seize the opportunity. A break-off might represent luck in disguise. Do what's loving, gentle and deep, this way, you can't go wrong. It's a good time to make a daring speculative or career move, too, Leo.


Leo 2021 Horoscope

This is a big year for all your relationships, especially the most important relationship of all: the one with yourself. Jupiter and Saturn, two of the most powerful planets in the solar system, both entered the area of your solar chart associated with relationships in the closing weeks of 2020. While Jupiter will come and go, Saturn is here until 2023. When analysing planetary activity for any year, astrologers look to Saturn for where there might be challenges or obstacles to achieving one’s goals. Yet it also represents the area where we can repair and build on structures that already exist and take authority over our choices. Jupiter represents expansion and opportunity. When you have them in the same area of your chart, challenges become opportunities, and by also having to show up and invest more, you are more likely to hold onto what you achieve. That means there might be relationship challenges this year but also an opportunity to create strong and enduring relationships, with solid and unshakeable foundations.

However, to have Jupiter and Saturn in the area of one-to-one partnership and relationship puts them on the opposite side of the sky to Leo. This means that you’ve reached the halfway point of your current, approximately three-decade long Saturn cycle and a 12-year Jupiter cycle at the same time. Each is a major point in your life for self-questioning and remembering who you are and your personal truth. That is why one of the most important relationships this year will be the one you have with you. The last time Saturn and Jupiter both occupied this area of partnership and relationship at the same time was six decades ago, making 2021 a hugely significant year for you. Saturn is here until 2023 but Jupiter will leave on May 13, before turning retrograde and returning for a second visit July 28 to December 28.

I suspect Jupiter might want a bit of space from Saturn. After all they have been in the same sign (Capricorn) since they teamed up and spent the whole of 2020 in the area of your chart associated with daily work, health, and routine. From May 13 to July 28, Jupiter leaves your opposite sign, Aquarius, and enters Pisces, the area associated with shared resources of both the financial and emotional variety. This is a test run for when Jupiter will enter again to team up more directly with Neptune in 2022. Jupiter will enter this area a total of three times over the course of 2021 and 2022. Neptune is the planet of dreams, imagination, intuition, and spirituality. Jupiter and Neptune together will take your awareness of the financial and emotional intricacies you share with others to a level never before experienced in this lifetime. Neptune is a more idealistic partner than stoic Saturn for expansive and optimistic Jupiter. Meanwhile, while having Jupiter and Saturn leave the area of your chart associated with daily routines, work, and health matters in late 2020 has taken a lot of the pressure off, 2021 is likely to see a professional surge. I suspect you’ve made significant progress in rearranging your life so you can take better care of yourself on a regular basis. Now it’s time to move onto better, more exciting relationships and build on your public reputation and career goals. That is where Mars’ entry into the most public area of your chart comes in. Mars will be in this area from January 6 to March 3 for the first time in two years. After the year you’ve had, you could use the motivation and drive Mars provides to get back to business and get this professional year off to an empowered start.

With two visits from Venus in the area just mentioned, you will have plenty of help and support along the way to keep the right kind of balance in your life.

Today’s Moon Forecast

Moon in Aquarius

crescent moon buttonAquarius sign glyph symbol

Moon is traveling through Aquarius today. Go against the grain. Fight for a cause. Stand up for the underdog.

Current Planetary Positions

Sun 24° Virgo 28' 01"
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Jupiter 23° Aquarius 53' 01" R
Saturn 07° Aquarius 20' 52" R
Uranus 14° Taurus 28' 29" R
Neptune 21° Pisces 42' 36" R
Pluto 24° Capricorn 24' 20" R
Chiron 11° Aries 23' 06" R
TrueNode 04° Gemini 34' 41" R


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