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Mon, March 01, 2021

Pisces Daily Horoscope

  • You have an opportunity to heal a relationship that comes your way, but it is in your hands if you want to save it or not, you have to make that decision. The moon today brings endings of things that are no longer useful in your life. It is time to get rid of those problems that have been keeping you from moving forward with your dreams. Light a white candle and release your problems out into the universe, set them free.


Week 09 – 2021

Pisces Weekly Horoscope

  • The main accent for the week ahead lies on travel, communications, errands, details, paperwork, and casual friends. These swell large, might provide you with a pathway to career or business success. An idea or email you send the boss might wake him/her to your talents. Or you meet a VIP while running your errands. Partners and others abandon their winter/spring indecision, and leap up to respond to you mid-week whether favourably or not, depends. Your home life is sweet, affectionate, until the weekend. Tackle chores diligently. Mysteries, finances, sexy urges arise late this week.


March, 2021

Pisces Monthly Horoscope

  • This is a busy but not important time, Pisces. Messages surround you, you run repeated errands. Two areas are important: relationships, which have remain more intense and family/real estate, which have begun to please you but might still hold a trap until late this month. Take advantage of relationships, form money partnerships, now forward, but hold off on major home/realty action until the month end onward. The days are quite mellow. Be ambitious all these days. Wishes come true, popularity soars, as the month moves on. Retreat, rest and plan late this month. Soon, good career news come from you, do not rest on your laurels.


Pisces 2021 Horoscope

For Pisces, 2021 is a year of contrasts, and that means lots of variety and some surprises. In the closing weeks of 2020, Jupiter and Saturn, two of the most powerful and defining planets in the solar system, left the 11th solar house, the area of your chart associated with friends, social networks, and society at large, and entered the 12th house associated with the past, imagination, and intuition as well as the spiritual idea of letting go and letting God. Moving from the 11th to 12th house is always a contrast between outer and inner worlds, between public and private. Your gaze has now shifted inward and will remain here on some level for at least the next couple of years. While Jupiter will come and go this year, Saturn will be here until 2023 only to be replaced by Pluto. Saturn’s role is to help you integrate the lessons you have learned up to this point by taking responsibility for the outcomes and attachments of the past and taking authority over where you go from here. Including acknowledging the experiences you couldn’t have changed but wish you could. This is where letting go and letting God comes in. This year is the beginning of a three-year wind-down of your current Saturn cycle, while Jupiter will only take 12 months to wind down a 12-year cycle. This would suggest that 2021 is a quiet year, full of time to reflect, looking back and finding the space and solitude to hear yourself think. While this sort of thing is a requirement this year, there is no way that life is going to let you retreat too far inward.

Saturn is playing the long game and has until 2023 to wind down your current Saturn cycle, which began in 1994, and something that will happen mostly in the background. Jupiter on the other hand will want a deeper dive, but even he won’t put a quiet spell over the whole year. That is because Jupiter will only stay here for approximately the first five months and, instead of entering Pisces to stay for a year and begin a new 12-year Jupiter cycle in December, will enter Pisces early on May 13. This is a sneak peek, because Jupiter will turn retrograde and back out again on July 28 for another rest and sabbatical in the 12th house before entering Pisces a second time on December 28. When Jupiter enters Pisces on May 13, you have an opportunity to feel what it is like to have both your rulers in your sign at once. Next year, Jupiter and Neptune will meet in Pisces for the first time in our lifetime. Since Jupiter and Neptune co-rule your sign, it is no wonder you feel the need to spend most of the year quietly navel-gazing. The last time Jupiter and Neptune were both in Pisces together was 1856.

This is not just a chance to get a sneak peek of the future from May 13 to July 28 but to gain sense of how exciting that future could be. Another factor that will stop life stagnating this year is that Venus and Mars, who both spent part of 2020 in retrograde motion, are racing through the zodiac this year. Mars, who spent the second half of last year going back and forth over the same ground in your house of personal resources, will spend time in nine different signs of your chart this year. The only areas he won’t visit are the ones Jupiter and Saturn have either just recently covered or will focus on this year, with Venus taking care of the rest. The faster-moving planets will make this a busy and vibrant year, but it will balance nicely with the quiet time you will feel you need to hear yourself think and the inner work you will be doing to move on from the last cycles of both Jupiter and Saturn.

Today’s Moon Forecast

Moon in Libra

crescent moon buttonLibra sign glyph symbol

Moon is traveling through beautiful Libra today. Make it a date night. Smile, it looks good on you.

Current Planetary Positions

Sun 11° Pisces 31' 31"
Moon 16° Libra 03' 45"
Mercury 14° Aquarius 46' 14"
Venus 05° Pisces 26' 28"
Mars 28° Taurus 42' 11"
Jupiter 16° Aquarius 48' 57"
Saturn 08° Aquarius 33' 49"
Uranus 07° Taurus 38' 02"
Neptune 20° Pisces 17' 17"
Pluto 26° Capricorn 03' 07"
Chiron 07° Aries 17' 19"
TrueNode 15° Gemini 35' 20" R


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