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Sun, October 25, 2020

We accept that all positive change is gradual. But it can sure feel like a pain in the backside when a process we know should happen sooner than it is takes an age to move forward. We know if we were in control of it, then we’d have got it across the finish line ages ago. Try to take reassurance from the fact that you’ve done all you need to do in a particular area. Soon, you and the momentum you’ve created from your effort and patience will be neck-and-neck!
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The world is an unpredictable place. Or so it seems. But aren’t “events” the result of some “cause,” even if we don’t know what that cause is? You are
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Your financial sense may be at its most sublime this month; however, make your decisions one at a time. The combination of Mars and Chiron retrograde

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Many are unaware that Astrology is not about destiny It’s not. Astrology is the mechanism used to show you the choices that lie ahead for you. If you’re seeking a better understanding of the choices open to you, book a personal reading of your natal chart and allow us the opportunity to be of service.
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