Birth Time Rectification

Birth Time Rectification

Natal Chart

The accuracy of your reading is determined by the accuracy of the birth information provided to your astrologer. If you do not have access to their time of birth, we provide birth time rectification services to better serve you and to increase the accuracy of your readings. Additional information is needed and a separate fee applies.

Readings  are 1 hour

Astrology Readings for Individuals

Natal/Birth Chart Reading

A birth chart reading, sometimes called a natal chart reading, takes a look at your astrological chart based on the time, place and date you were born.
Solar Return Reading

A solar return reading delves into your year ahead.

Soul Profile

Your unique nature

Your true will and purpose
See how the various parts of your psyche – create the individual that is you – revealing the essence of your Soul. 25+ pages delivered on-screen & emailed.

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